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Contour GUIDE PURE 115mm

Classic mohair plush skin.

These are very lightweight skins for extended, demanding ski tours with the proven performance of traditional hotmelt adhesive technology.

  • A folding clip fixes the overlap in place over the tip buckle. Buckles are available in widths of 75 mm - 115 mm.
  • The tail clip sits flush, even on rounded ski tails. For tails that are thicker than 5 mm we recommend using the ‘wide’ tail clip.

Guide pure trimming set includes trimming tool, backing foil and stuff sack.

Recommended in Italian Skialper Buyer’s Guide 2015

plush 100 % mohair
adhesive hot melt
tip attachment front wire
tail attachment tailclip
models trimmable 115 & 135 mm backcountry skins
all-round – expert
270.00 лв
Акция: 243.00 лв

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